About me
M. Cheveallier
Age: (Older then I want to be)
Sex: Male
Likes: Video Games, Anime, Comic art, PVCs and statues, & Mature Content (Don't censor my stuff)
Food: Just about anything not fish related or too greesy

Dislikes: Narrow minded thoughts, Cockyness, Pushy people.
Food: Baked Pork & Most Fish

Comic Book Turn-ons: Content that is creative. Stuff that is not overused. THAT will pull me into reading a comic book.

Comic Book Turn-offs: An artist making himself that main character (I hate that). The fastest way to make me NOT want to read your book. It makes me feel like you are going on a major ego trip and/or can't come up with something creative.

Motto: Just because the artist draws it, does not mean the artist does it.

I'm a gamer that has been forced to get off his games to do his art. I spend time with many friends (I have a LOT of friends) on the weekends. I use to work in a Japanese Hobby shop. I'm VERY open minded. I feel that everyone is different and should be treated fairly. I don't judge anyone based on their taste and expect others to treat me the same way. I'm open minded about my art. A good example of how I feel are Mermaids in art. I feel that the creature is very natural due to lack of exposure to the outside world. Sure some of them can wear shells and other things on their chest for looks, but not all of them will, thus they remain topless. It does NOT have to be sexual, but it should be natural. If you don't like my free way of thinking, then you don't need to be here looking at my work, unless you think you can just ignore the little work you don't like and move on. Everyone has a taste and for that taste, you may have to deal with other peoples taste as well. That is just the way the world works.
Read my Motto above. Do you understand what that means? Just because some artist draws a killer ripping people open in detail, does not mean the artist is a killer. Yeah, some narrow minded people will think that the artist can't come up with something like that without some passion to want to do it. Perhaps they don't understand how a creative mind works. The skills to be able to come up with making something without having to deeply expose yourself to it. These people can get the ideas from simple things like the news (paper), T.V., Internet, Radio, and other people. You can be inspired without getting involved. It is that simple.