Art CD's
Here you can order art from me that I've done in the past. Each disc has it's own rate depending on how much art is on the disc and the content. You can order disc with comics or Pin-ups, some may have both. There is content on these that have either never made it on the net or are no longer posted. A lot of the pin-ups are also higher quality then posted on the net. I only take paypal and money order at this time, but may be willing to take a money order. It is the most safe way I can think of to help you place your order. Email me with your order and I'll give you Instructions on the email to paypal or where to send the money order, and the amount if you order more then one CD. Here are the discs you can order:
"Hiroshi and the Mouse Clan" Uncut (Must be 18 or older)
Little Extras Adult (Must be 18 or older)
Dolly Days (Must be 18 or older)
$15.00 Hiroshi and Jackiea and turned to Mice and have to help the other mice in the house fight for food as they try to find a way to get back home. 4 short comics.
Examples: 1 - 2 - 3  - 4 - 5 -
$20.00 Uncut from the above. you will get the 4th comic that was not part of the 5 comic set in the above.
$15.00 Pin-up art and Mini comics.
$20.00 Adult Pin-ups and Mini comics.
$20.00 All about Dolly. This CD tells a little History behind the little albino mouse & shows all the great art behind her.
Super Art CD
$45.00! All the non-adult art from above. Pin-ups AND comics.
Ultimate Art CD (Must be 18 or older)
$70.00 All of my art! This is all you need! $105.00 value! Save $35.00!
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