Commission Info
Do you want to commission me? My guess would be yes, considering you are on this page. Need to know my rates? That is why this page is here. This page should tell you everything you need to know about getting art to you, in the way that you want it. First of all, I only do finished works. If you REALLY want a sketch so badly, Perhaps we can work something out, but my sketches are only a small part of what I put into my work. If you want it inked, the same rule applies. My inks are only outlines of the finished pic and done in Photoshop. No shades will be in the picture. I only want to give you a finished picture, so try to reframe from asking for sketches or ink unless you really, REALLY must have it that way.
If you want to commission me go to the forum and Note me. I don't mean to make it hard for you to talk to me, but I'm only trying to avoid spammers. I avoid posting my email on the site due to them.


One Character: $20.00 (Sketch only: $8.00)
Two Characters: $35.00 (Sketch only $16.00)
More then 2 characters: $10.00 each extra character (may be less depending on the picture)
HIGHLY detailed clothing on characters may be $5 extra.
Backgrounds: $25.00 and up (Depending on how detailed)
Message Board Avitars: $10.00
Animated Avitars: $30.00 and up (Depending on how much animation)
Prints mailed off to your address: $5.00 (with-in the U.S.) The price may be more if you live outside the U.S.
Coloring of your own art: The prices are about the same, it all depends on your art. They could go
a little higher or lower. If you must know why, it is because 90% of my work is done in coloring my own work.
The Prices you see above are based on my CG process, that does not mean I do sketches only for free.

Prints are printed out on Glossy Paper of the finished CG work. If you want the original sketch mailed to you it will cost $2.00 extra, otherwise it will be emailed. Depending on the work will depend on how much.
If you want your picture file any bigger then 300 Res. around 10X8 size, then note me with the size you want. Prints will be no bigger then an 8X10.

What I'm willing to draw:
I'll draw just about anything you want. Tame, Erotic, Hardcore Hentai, ect...
I'll draw what characters you want, even your characters. If you have a fan fiction and you want a character Bios, I can do that. Even if you want me to type character info next to the character. If you are a D&D player and want a profile, I can do that. If you have a fantasy of a character you like, I can draw that. I may not be able to match an art style, but I'll try my best if you want me to.

This is how it works:
You tell me what you want and I will sketch it. I will send email you a small edited version of the sketch to let you choose if you want me to finish the picture or if I need to edit it before I finish it. If, after 4 attempts and I still can't get it right, then it may be best it you find another artist. I only want to do the picture if you are going to like it. Keep in mind that my sketches are only a backbone to my art and the CG will look a lot better from those. Most backgrounds are done in photoshop and thus, MAY not be in the sketch. If it IS in the sketch, it will not look the exact same in the finished picture, but it will be very close most of the time. It all depends on what it is and how much detail their will be.

(After you deem the sketch good enough) I will always try to have the work done in a weeks time or less. I will not make someone wait if they have paid for work. If I'm backed up on commission jobs, I will tell you before we even start a deal. That way you will have an idea of how long it will take before I can get to you. Once I'm ready to take your commission I will Note you and work with you from that point (if you are still wanting the job done, that is).

Short Comics:
I don't do short comics. They take up too much time. If you REALLY MUST have one done, then I hope you are ready to pay up. Try to keep it as short as you can. What do I mean by short? Around 1 to 5 pages with 4 to 6 panels per page. I can only give you a price upon request, but expect $60 to $100 per page. (background work, that will cost more.)

I only take Pay Pal & Money Orders at this time.

If you want to commission me then note me on the Forums or Email me @ jawanena (at ) hotmail (dot) com