Here are some links to some places you might want to takes a look at. Some of these sites are owned by friends of mine. If you wish to link to my site, feel free to use the banners at the bottom of the page.
MAW Productions
Martheus Wade created Jatta. A comic book based on a girl who is fighting her own fate. If you like action comics, this is one to read. He is a good friend of mine so I hope you take the time to go to his site and have a look around. You can find us in the message boards.
Bushi Tales
Lin Workman has a book called Bushi Tales.... and no, it is not about furry creatures. I'm sure the picture above can tell you that much. Want to know? Go to his site and find out.
Jim Balent Studios
This link leads to Jim Balent Studios. If you like cute, go look at Hollys' work with School Bites and other stuff. She is awesome with her Cute Goth style. If you like Sexy, take a look at Jims' work. He does Tarot and Boo Cat. See... you have the best of both worlds.
Here are my banners, animated and not animated. I like to give you the choice if you want to save memory. Feel free to use one if you would like to link to my site. Just Right click and save.
This is one of the sites I post my Comic work on. There are many comics here if you want to read comics all day.
I post my comics on this site. I love the user interface of this place. It is easy to use and you can view comic pages just be a click of an arrow.
School Bites web comic! If you like cute and gothic style comics, this is the place for you! Holly does awsome art so you need to go look.
If you are looking for a good anime con in the Mid-South then go to the Anime Blues Con in Memphis.
The Mid-South Cartoonist Association is the place to be for many artist. If you are in the Mid-South, you want to take a look at thist site and add them on facebook!