Web Comics
This is the back log of all my web comics I've posted in the past. I'm not going to post one a day or one a week due to lack of time due to other works. You will not see a set of dates. I will make thumbnails for them to give you an idea of what each short is.... just in case you are looking for one or wanting to skip the old ones. ENJOY!
Rune is not too smart. She is like an adult with the mind of a child. Julie has become friends with her and tries to guide her when she can.
Just when Rune thinks she has figured everything out, she slips up. Julie seems to just want to let it go though.
Now that Rune is proud of what she has learned, she runs off the show her Ninja Master. She assumes if Julie does not say it's wrong, then Julie means it's correct. She likes to give Julie credit for stuff like that.
Dolly has had many jobs before she got in to modeling and acting. She worked a lot of retail jobs When she was young. (BTW - This really happened to someone at one of my jobs.)
This page and 2 others were to be published in a book at the start of 2007. She was also going to be on the cover. Due to Diamond Comics, the series got canceled right before Dolly was going to show up. That is OK, she will find her way into another book.
The 2 main characters here will be the main characters of comic that in involved with the comic I'm working on. They are the good guys in the story.
One of those good guys has a bit of a naughty side to him. He hits on Augest who seems to not like the idea of getting hit on. Perhaps she is not into guys.
Round 2. Well, if she is not into guys... Is she into girls? This girl shows up to find out.
Kitty Cola? Why do they call it Kitty cola? Perhaps one day you will see the comic page that started Kitty Cola. As for now, this will have to do.
Here is a lesson on how to shoo off a weirdo... make the person think you are more strange then they are. Watch as this girl shows her friend August how to deal with people like that.
Even when Jess was a kid, she couldn't win... Poor Jess. Just when you think you know a cat girl...
When you order a Pizza, you may want to keep this comic in mind. Those poor drivers have a lot to
deal with and don't need the stress of getting crap for a tip.
Then there are the crazy ones. Perhaps if you don't have the money for that tip, it is best to just not order at all...