This is Jetta. I did this picture a long time ago for my friend Antone.
CG Work
Here you will find Pinups and other work I've done. This is all my CG (Computer Graphics) work. For those who don't know CG is not only 3D art. It stands for art that was mostly done on a computer. Work done in photoshop or paintshop pro.for instance. It most of the picture looks like it was done on a computer (Sprites, Pixals, Polygons), then it is CG. Although almost all my art is sketched first, the rest is done on a computer.
Antone is having a fan art contest. This Picture is for that contest. I didn't do so hot on the contest. Guess my style is just too simplistic.
This is a picture of my character and a friends character. It turned out better then I thought it would. They look cute in this picture.
A birthday gift for my friend Holly.
Yet another pic I did for an art contest at I always wanted a reason to draw Shi and it looks like I got one. Although thanks to my lack of time, this picture almost never happened.
This Picture is from the same guy. He drew the character and I created her. I told him how I wanted her to look and he drew it. I wanted to color it and just got around to doing that.
The artist also Drew Kristy. Do you remember her from the pic I did of her in the comics area? I really like this picture. I followed his shades for this one.
He wanted to try his hand with Dolly again. I used the same background for this that I used in another picture I did of her.
I love Rune fan art. This is a nice picture of her. I wanted to color this one as soon as he sent it to me, but I had other art to work on. At least I was able to get to it.
Yet another year and Holly has a birthday due. I did this picture of Fujiko for her. I like Fuji a lot so I guess that is why I draw her so much.
Shorty-Ann! AKA Shorty. (Don't call her Ann, because she hates it. Shorty IS part of her name, NOT a nickname). She is a crazy bounty hunter that does things most people find strange or gross. She will enforce the law in non-lawful ways and has too much fun doing it. Cat in a tree? Use a pineapple to BLOW it out of the tree. Ooops... killed the kitty. Ah well. Job is done, the cat is out of the tree.
Lacey again. This is a nice picture of her. Lacey has a nice smile on her face and the inside jokes keep showing up on her shirts. Don't ask, cause I will not tell.
Yei looks great. Pose and all. You will learn more about her in my up comming comic.
Shauna is one of Yeis' bodyguards. She and her twin sister Nitia were given special powers to protect Yei.
He drew Nitia in another art style. I love those wings and hair.
Sara looks very old style anime. I tried to keep that feel in her picture as I colored it.
I love this picture of Jessy. I did the color, background, and the old style Japanese lamp.
I think FC like December a lot. I'm glad because I get a lot of pictures of her from him. I like her a lot as well. She has a long story you will just have to wait to read about.
Baby Mane is a dark elf who thinks she is hardcore. She is all bark and little bite. She also has a step dad who can kick ass and is close buddies with Shorty-ann... if that gives you any idea of how he acts. He lets Baby get away with ANYTHING, and she does.
Xatsumi and Dapple never looked so good. This looks like it could be cover art for a comic with them, that is, if I put a good background on it. Too bad I will not have a comic with them as the stars any time soon. At the moment they are only support characters
Apachi is a demon killer who found justice to be more important then her role as a demon killer. She invaded a demon world and learned to try to get along with the monsters instead of killing them just because they were demons. She ended up getting a demon lover and had a very powerful kid who is now close friends with December. You WILL see more on this child later on.
Dr. Bunnie Lee is a VERY smart child who is now a gym coach. She is a little pushy but feels she does not get the respect she deserves in the high school.
Kuriashi was once a sexy demon goddess until one day she for cursed by some overly-magnectic rings. She got turned into a child-like size and her powers are weak. She is still on the hunt to gain her powers back and destroy the person who cursed her.
No, this is not my 1st mini comic. It is a quick flash that Kamika did for me of Rune. It was based of this comic. I hope to see more from her.
The cut version of a gift picture I drew for Holly.
My friend Martheus drew this picture. I colored it and inked it. I love getting pictures of Rune from other artist.
This is a picture that Martheus drew and I colored Trixi. It is a poster for the Anime Blues Con.
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