CG Work
Here you will find Pinups and other work I've done. This is all my CG (Computer Graphics) work. For those who don't know CG is not only 3D art. It stands for art that was mostly done on a computer. Work done in photoshop or paintshop pro.for instance. It most of the picture looks like it was done on a computer (Sprites, Pixals, Polygons), then it is CG. Although almost all my art is sketched first, the rest is done on a computer.
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This is a page out of the Anime Blues Con Comic in 2012. The art and Story is by Martheus Wade. The Inking is by Janet Wade. The Color is by me and the editing is by Kevin Williams. The name of the comic is "Out of the Blue" "2X Blues" This is just a sample page so it does not reflect the full product.