Comic #1 (Intro)
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I was going to send this off to Radio Comix to be published. I wanted to do a spinoff of my current comic. This was going to be my starting comic but after looking over the market and my choices for publishers, plus what I want to do, Radio didn't really fit the bill. Due to the publisher of choice at that time, I was forced to make it a furry comic. My characters turned into furries... who would have guessed.
This comic is OLD. NOTE: OLD. The art is not up to my standards... which is why I'm posting it online and not publishing it in a book. This First comic is a mess. The lines are a shaky due to my drawing it with a mouse and not an art pad. Bare with the 1st 10 pages. The next few stories are still quite old. The details in this work don't look as well done as in my new works. The story will help you understand one of the jokes in my future comic better.  
Furry Alert. If you are not a fan of furry, or hate furry. You may want to avoid the comic. If you are in fear of gay furry art... don't be. You will NOT find it here.
Comic #2 (Kitty Kombat)
Comic #3 (Killer Kitty)
Comic #4 (Playing Cat and Mouse)
Comic #5 (Home Run)